Before enGENIEer, I was spending 20-30 hours a week studying other course material and teaching myself what the class did not. This number dropped drastically to 15 hours a week with Kenza’s course.
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Effective FE Review Course

Rated 5 out of 5
January 9, 2023

I just passed my FE Civil on the first try with Kenza bundled course. I am out of school for 20 years, I passed my Civil Engineer in my home country Philippines in 2002. This course is really good and effective for all of the students who dream to become Engineers in the USA. I migrated to this country last 2019 and started to collect review materials in 2021 and tried to self-study, and watched a lot of video lectures which makes my progress not move until I decided to enroll in this course. I am really happy and believed in this course in which I learned topics or subjects that I didn’t have during my college days. I can’t even answer diagnostic test before I started my review class. This course is not only learning but most of the time Kenza and her team are always there giving encouragement, motivations and I remember when I told them I am not good with this topic, they turn my negative thoughts into a positive approach and that is a really powerful tool to believe with yourself and you can make it.

I recommend ENGENIEER FE course and hope for the best.

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Recy Calma

The Framework Test Preparation to Pass

Rated 5 out of 5
December 26, 2022

I highly recommend this program for the FE test preparation; personally, I took FE Civil recently and this course drills down every simply subject, helping you to understand the concept. It may take couple of rounds until you finally start getting it depending on how long you have been out of college and how consistent you are, but do not feel discourage; keep going and move forward. The course gives you the framework and tools to solve the quantity of problems to pass your FE Test. If for any reason you feel overwhelmed while studying, take a rest, recharge batteries, and come back with more energy. You must believe in yourself, listen to your heart, plan for success, and keep asking questions that the Engineer team will answer them. Besides, Kenza is updating the course with new and fresh exercises pertinent to the actual exam. If you are really considering taking the FE test, don’t hesitate to get this course and head that test well prepared. Finally, get familiar with the reference handbook (PDF) and take two or three practice exams to get used to it, also time yourself as well because time-management is so important.

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Javier P

Best material - some questions were almost the same

Rated 5 out of 5
December 5, 2022

I signed up for Kenza’s courses after seeing one classmate’s success story. It was then when I knew this course worked. I contacted my classmate and she really encourage me to sign up for it.

I did it and now after using the FE Civil review plus practice exam, I was able to finally pass my EIT. I tried other two courses and didn’t succeed.

I wont blame the fail attempts on these courses, however, I believe Kenza’s approach really help me to understand the concept more, finding the fastest way of solving the problems.

Another positive element from this course, are her weekly emails. She really takes time to help all her students, you always feel like there is someone out there rooting for you and believing that you can do it. This kept me going, the idea to share my success story with many others from Kenza’s course. Please recommend and sign up for it. You will pass!!!

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Jose Rivera

I passed my FE (ME) with the help of Kenza's course!!

Rated 5 out of 5
December 2, 2022

EIT was always on my goal list to go for PE. I came across Kenza’s course, and I am happy that I took it. Her short but in-depth videos have helped me better prepared myself for exam. Her exam taking strategies and tips are like cherry on the top of cake. Kenza works with you and checks on you if you are having any difficulties. Do not waste your time on others, this course is one stop shop. Lucky are the civil students that they could benefit from her evening course as well. I would definitely recommend to anyone with any kind of background.

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Haleema Awan

The only study tool you need!

Rated 5 out of 5
November 23, 2022

After five failures and five years after graduation, I was in need of something different, and this course was it. The perfect pick me up! This course helped me focus on the test material in a concise and efficient manner while not only providing concept review to rekindle what was learned in school but also practical and relevant questions to do over and over again. The practice tests provided along with the staff’s constant reassurance and guidance throughout my 4 months of studying made the difference between passing and failing. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.

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Samuel Oliden

Kenza's Courses Gave Me Back My Confidence ...

Rated 5 out of 5
November 12, 2022

My first FE prep course with another well-known organization destroyed my confidence in taking the FE exam. I was out of school for more than 7 years and taking the OTHER Discipline Exam seemed like a monster. Fast forward to 2022 I took the Morning Course here at Engenieer. Her quick videos broke it down. Talking through it, showing you how-to with the FE manual, she gave me the knowledge I needed to break down the question and answer accordingly. At the end of the day you have to put in the work, Kenza and her team give you the tools to do it. After taking her course and having a schedule, I was able to tackle the other subject that was required for the exam. Fast-forward to September 2022…. I passed.

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Rated 5 out of 5
October 27, 2022

After failing once, I decided to purchase this course. I have two young kids and have been out of school for 9 years. This course helped me so much, gave me the tools and tips I needed and explained things in ways that made hard problems seem easy! I highly recommend it!

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Elizabeth R.

Quick Review course is a stellar refresher

Rated 5 out of 5
October 20, 2022

I just found out I passed the FE Civil exam on my FOURTH attempt and feel extremely relieved and blessed. Kenza’s Quick Review course was essential in my prep for my most recent attempt. It covered all the exam specs at a high level for refreshment as well as supplied me with a practice exam, which helped a lot. I used Matt Mattson’s videos as supplemental learning after going through the practice exam. I studied the practice exam thoroughly and made sure I knew how to solve every question on it. This helped a lot with my confidence going into the exam. I am very grateful for this course!

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Ahmad Hashmi

Passed on First Try w/ the course

Rated 5 out of 5
October 3, 2022

I started studying for the FE exam on January 31, 2022, which is the birthday of my daughter. I wanted to try the exam on my own with the Liderburge book to prove myself. Unfortunately, so many exam specifications are not preciously covered in Liderburge’s book. In early April 2022, I stumbled upon Kenza’s video on youtube, and I jumped into it. After hearing a few interviews with her students, I went on and purchased the course. It took me about 35 days to finish the Afternoon course and about 35 days to finish the Morning course. I would study min of 4.5 hrs a day on weekdays and try to study 6 hr a day on weekends. Then I scheduled the Exam for Sept. 8, and by August 2022, I had finished reviewing both morning and afternoon courses 4 times. Two weeks before the exam, I only focused on the practice exam and time management. I practiced five practice exams (Kenza’s, NCCES, Anthem, Islam, Free Online One) mimicking the exam. I scored at least 75% on all. Guys, Kenza’s course is superb, don’t overthink believing in your self and you will get it done. I would not have done it without the course.

The course has some long lectures. What I did with the lecture was I would snip the lecture to the MS-word and print it. Every morning before heading to work, I would just read the lecture notes for 30-45 mins (every day).

Best of luck.

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Ganga S.

Passed FE Exam in First Try - Study the course for PE Exam

Rated 5 out of 5
September 28, 2022

The course is excellent, after 6-month study, watching all the videos, and taking notes I passed my FE Exam on the first try, 20 years out of school.

During the exam, I got 30 minutes extra in each session, morning and afternoon to review my flagged question.

Personally I think the course will prepare you more than enough and you will be overqualified for the exam, many topics and questions are by far harden than the actual exam, but you will be well prepared.

Still, I am using the course for my PE preparation, I believe by taking this course I will be ready at least for my morning PE exam.

My suggestion is to watch all the videos and try to understand the question and answer concept, 20-30 % of questions were concept questions and if you understand the topics it will be very easy, to click and move forward.

I used Kenza training, NCEES question sample, and ISALM question.

Try to solve and expose yourself to as much as the question you can.

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